I felt that I had to write something to express the abundance of gratitude I feel towards those who take the plunge and go vegan in January. Statistics show that nearly one million people have taken the pledge to go vegan in January 2020. That is no small number of us whose consciousness is now awakening. Many carry on a mainly plant based diet even after January. After all it is only 31 days and this simple, yet effective gesture does wonders on many different levels. 

First and foremost it is a very conscious way of spending an entire month, a time spent thinking about how our choices affect other sentient beings.  All sentient beings fundamentally have equal rights to live and it is uplifting for our soul to give other beings the same consideration we give to humans.  Want to find out more about the vegan lifestyle?

 Secondly, the effect on our health and energy levels truly surpasses a good detox session. Most people who go vegan in the month of January rave about how healthy and happy they feel. This is mainly because their digestive system gets some breathing space from having to digest meat which requires more energy. Happiness comes from the knowledge that they have made an effort to do something positive for themselves, other beings and ultimately the planet. Above all eating a plant based diet will keep people feeling fit and healthy in later life and there is no better time to start than in January 2020. 

Thirdly going vegan for January opens up a whole new world of new foods and dishes to experiment with. People soon begin to realise that vegan food is not dull and boring and that there is an explosion in the popularity of main courses and desserts to delve into. 

 I have been a vegan for five years and dream of one day serving mainly vegan breakfasts at my bed &breakfast in Oxford. I have started by adding vegan choices to our breakfast offer.  I buy vegan croissants from Waitrose, offer oat, soya or almond drink, vegan cheese, vegan yogurt and cereals. Guests simply have to inform us upon making their reservation and we will ensure that they are served a vegan breakfast.

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