C-19 Service &Cleaning Update

Being a small guest house during these changed times is beneficial to public health and safety. There are multiple reasons for this. Read More

Benefits of Staycation for a Breakation

This comes as no surprise - holidays are good for us and Oxford is waiting to welcome tourist with open arms in 2020 for a holiday of adventure and exploration. Read More

Staycation for a Breakation!

Is breakation a word?  It is now! I figure, since we all need a break from our daily lives every so often and we're only going to be able to travel within our own country we will all have to give in to staycation at some point. As I was looking for a tagline for my new blog I needed to find a rhyme with Staycation - breakation, sort of works, right?... Read More

Visiting Oxford with Young Children

Although many are drawn to Oxford for its undisputed history and academic prowess, there is a fair amount of domestic and foreign tourists who travel with young children. The itinerary of parents with young children cannot be focused on historic university buildings alone... Read More

A Privilege & An Honour - Meet Mr Alan Pope

Meet Mr Alan Pope born 13 November, 1933 aged 87 and still living with us in one of the rooms at the Marlborough House Hotel, our holistic bed &breakfast in Oxford...Read More

Namaste Dost 

Since social distancing is the order of the day then I suggest, "Namaste Dost" should become our loving greeting to each other...Read More

Domestic Tourism - Let's Encourage it!

We would like to encourage domestic tourism. A tourist who travels in their own country is called a domestic tourist. Here is a fantastic opportunity for us to travel in the UK and rediscover our love of what the country has to offer...Read More

Holistic B &B in Oxford Bed-Time Meditation

After a busy day when all our senses have been stimulated to the maximum, finding half an hour before bed-time to re-set is imperative to a good night?s sleep...Read More

Holistic B &B in Oxford Bed-Time Routine

Stretching can have a positive effect on our sleeping pattern by easing our nervous system and helping us control our breathing. In keeping with our vision of a holistic bed and breakfast in Oxford here are some simple suggestions which will help you relax your body and mind before hitting the sheets. Developing an evening stretching routine helps your body to enter a relaxed state more quickly, and stay in a deeper sleep for longer...Read More

Mother I am your Super-Fan!

Mother I am your Super-Fan because you always make my world right!!! Tell us why you are your mother?s Super-Fan to win a discount of 15% at the Marlborough House Hotel, in Oxford. Our incredible team will judge the answers in a vote...  Read More

Fire Training at The Marlborough House Hotel

Although all businesses have to comply with the fire regulations in the country, very few small businesses will offer practical training or any informative presentation to their team...Read More

Spa Experience At Your Fingertips

I believe that one of the simple secrets of creating a feeling of well-being in our daily life is the small treats we shower ourselves with. In keeping with this belief I would like to offer our guests a holistic experience when they visit us at our bed &breakfast in Oxford...Read More

May We Pamper You? 

This is the perfect time for a break in the mesmerising city of Oxford. Nothing can be better than time spent together in our #holistic bed &breakfast with an attractive weekend package deal... Read More

#Veganuary at Marlborough House Hotel in Oxford

I felt that I had to write something to express the abundance of gratitude I feel towards those who take the plunge and go vegan in January. Statistics show that nearly one million people have taken the pledge to go vegan in January 2020...Read More

Holistic B &B in Oxford Wake - Up Routine

Having an amazing morning routine is one of the best things we can do in our life. If we get really good at morning routines, we?ll experience a huge shift in the way our day flows. Getting into the habit of spending  5 minutes doing the simple stretches suggested below...Read More

More for Less in January &February in #Oxford

The most important thing to remember is that many hotels and bed &breakfasts will make substantial offers to make accommodation more accessible during these quieter months...Read More

Where it all began!

A bed and breakfast (typically shortened to B&B or BnB) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are often private family homes and typically have between four and eleven rooms, with six being the average... Read More

The Inspiration 

Marlborough House Hotel opened its doors as a home -from- home accommodation in Oxford on November 30 1990. It was constructed as a Bed and Breakfast by Builders Ede of Oxford who partnered with Mrs Alison Percy to run and manage the business. Whilst travelling in Australia... Read More