Benefits of Staycation for a Breakation



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Whilst foreign travel seems a tad difficult this year for many of us, it is still of utmost importance to indulge in going away on a staycation within our own country

Scientific research has proved, over and over again, the benefits of rest and relaxation on the overall wellbeing of the human body and the brain. Not only do staycations make us feel better, they also help us to manage stress. From experience we all know that when we go away from our daily routine and our work we experience significant upswings in mood and energy levels and return back feeling more relaxed and clearer in our life goals.

Visiting Oxford is not your usual, sit by the beach, staycation.  However, the stimulation that guests receive from the history, architecture, punting, museums, botanical gardens and visits to the various historical buildings offer a certain charm and excitement. Most people feel happier, more rested and much less stressed because of their break.  And these benefits can continue for months afterwards. After a visit to Oxford guests will most definitely be inspired and energised.

Our guest house is well equipped for a staycation in Oxford. The kitchenettes, with breakfast delivered to the room means guests can enjoy breakfast at their leisure in the comfort of their rooms. Our rooms are large, so guests can enjoy some quiet, meditation or simple yoga stretches to calm the senses.  

This comes as no surprise - holidays are good for us and Oxford is waiting to welcome tourist with open arms in 2020 for a staycation of adventure and exploration.


Kavita Pal 03/07/2020

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